About Us

Transforming your events from vision to reality.

About us

KAMM Events is an established events management service provider, a subsidiary of KAMM Consultants Limited. We have an events management team with strong leadership always at its best – in working with our clients and suppliers. We have great flexibility, quick thinking, buckets of initiative and exceptional decision making. A particular ability to spot good compromises and know what is essential to the success of the event marks out an excellent event team leader. We take on the challenge of directing a complicated event whilst managing the expectations of several different clients, where need be.

Our Objectives

To create carefully designed customised events. To provide a personalized, individualized solution to the planning and management of each event, based on the needs of our client To ensure that our events management team is responsive, caring and knowledgeable, with a willingness to go the extra mile To offer an integrated event management service suitable to our clients’ needs. To design and deliver an event tailored for each individual or corporate clients.

When we take on your event
it becomes our event